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Decks are a such a wonderful addition to any Queensland home to make the most of the sunny outdoor lifestyle!

Decks are versatile in size and design, adding quality of life and value to your home.

They can be built on a concrete slab, levelled out from an existing home (high set or low set), beside a pool or anywhere else you can think of.

Styles of decks include

Classic deck layout | Verandah | Alfresco Area |

Gazebo (detached) | Patio

If you are feeling creative, design your own deck with our expert advice. We can also assist you with all renovation and building needs such as council approval, certification, drafting, building plans and engineering; from start to finish.

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Varnishing the Deck


An oil finish protects and retains the natural grain, texture and colour of the timber. It is best suited to hardwoods.

Oils can have a matte (low sheen) or gloss finish.

Green Wall


Paint in a non-slip deck finish gives you some benefits over the oil and stain. It fills cracks and gaps as it is thinker and a solid colour. It gives you more colour options if you don't want a timber look. It requires less maintenance than oil or staining.

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Made from either timber or a composite, deck tiles click together in a variety of shapes using connectors. Very simple and adaptable, they are  perfect for going over an existing solid surface: a concrete slab, a tiled balcony, or brick pavers. The connectors lock them together and allow water to drain underneath.

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Stains come in a variety of choices with a higher pigment level over oil finishes. This means more vibrant colours that alter the original timber colour. Best suited to treated pine or grey weathered timber. A good choice for matching other elements of the exterior scheme.

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 Unlike timber, composite decking is resistant to damage from moisture and termites. It won't warp or splinter from the sun. Made from fibre cement, it is safe to use in bushfire zones or around a fire pit. Extremely low maintenance and a variety of colour finishes it is great choice for those who want to put it in and forget about it!



Still need ideas or have some questions? Great.

Backyard Washing

There are a variety of deck materials as versatile as the style and shape but here are four common choices:

1. Timber (hardwood or softwood)

2. Structure Steel/Aluminium
    (beams, joists and handrails)

3. Glass (balustrading/handrails)

4. Deck Tiles

Other features you may consider adding
are personal details such as a design cut into the balustrade, or special lighting that has multi-colour options, an outdoor sink/built in barbecue or entire kitchen space!

Decks can be built in or left as
an open design. Windows can be fitted, blinds custom made, fans and lighting added to create a more personal, unique space.

Long-term maintenance and care for your deck surface should be carefully considered before deciding on a building material and finish. For example, some finishes such as oil or varnish will require re-application on a  6-12 month basis.

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