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Do I need to engage an architect or draftsman myself to get my property certified or for council approvals?

No. We engage these experts on your behalf as required according to your project. In fact, we can offer draft drawings done by our team before they are sent off to the engineer or private certifier. 

When do I have to involve my local council in my building plans?

Your local council website should have guidelines for renovations or new builds on your property. However, we can help to navigate this process regarding all approvals; council, building, drafting or engineering.

What is a renovation?

A renovation is taking your existing building or property and transforming that into something new. This could be as simple as extending your deck to completely changing the internal/external structure of the existing home!

Other examples

- Changing a room size (taking out or adding walls)

- Relocation of room/s

- Anything that requires modifying an existing element

- Change the layout of the existing home

What type of deck can I have?

Well, that is completely up to you!

The great news is that at My Story Co. we love creating and building all sorts of outdoor areas. Check out our 'All About Decks' page!


Basically, there are three main styles




If your feeling creative, just show us your own design. Otherwise, we will happily custom design one for you.

What is an extension?

An extension is also known as a renovation. It basically means you are adding a new element to what already exists - extending what is already there.

Examples may include

Lifting an existing home from underneath

Enlarging your existing home (adding a new room or space)

Add a garage/carport/external staircase

Create an outdoor entertainment area

Extend the roofline

Will I have to leave my home while renovations are being completed?

At My Story Co. we make every effort to minimise the amount of disruption to your life and daily routines throughout the project. We clean up daily after our work.

However, there are going to be situations where it will not only be of benefit for you to move out, but it will actually be a legal requirement due to workplace health and safety. Your safety and well being are our number one priority at all times.

Depending on the size of the project and the materials we are working with, we may require you to leave your home or property for a short time - this may be a day up to six weeks. If this is necessary, we will clearly communicate the dates with plenty of time to plan your alternative accommodation.

I have a vague idea of what I want. Can I still call you out for a quote?

Of course! We have years of experience in the design and build industry and we only work with reliable and professional tradesmen.

If you have an idea or some thoughts, it's a great help to collect images or drawings that can help us to understand your vision.

Preparing some samples, or even writing down descriptive key words or colours can help us to build a more complete picture of what inspires and motivates you to create your next story.

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