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As a boutique custom design build company, My Story Co. aim to create a unique home that is personal to you, the next story in your life that will write memories and become your place of joy.

Our custom homes are not from a pre-drawn plan. They are architecturally designed with your unique needs and wants creating the style of home you're envisioning. We will take you from the initial sketches through to handing you the keys to your new home.


Working with our interior design and build team, you can unload all your ideas, inspirations, half-thoughts, collected bits and pieces and say "here - how can this look like our next home?!"


Before planning your next bespoke home there are some considerations to work through either on your own or with us.

1. Choosing the right BUILDER - that's easy... My Story Co.!

It's really important to feel that you can trust your build team. We stand by our integrity, our high standard for a quality finish and joy that drives us to ensure your next project is all you want and more.

2. Having a SCOPE OF WORKS. This is simply a plan of what you would like to do - it doesn't have to be comprehensive - just something we can start from.

For example, do you want a low set home? A two-storey home? Do you see a pool out the back or do you entertain regularly so a large outdoor area is needed?

If you're getting stuck with how to work it all out - download our CLIENT SOW TEMPLATE to help you get started.

3. BUDGET. We know. Not a subject anyone wants to focus on. However, a well planned Scope of Works and a realistic budget will ensure you getting your next story as close to your vision as possible, and able to enjoy living in it moving forward.


When working out your budget it is a good idea to have a CONTIGENCY SUM. This is a buffer of finance for the unforeseen expenses that may come up and is usually about 15% -20% of the budget as a whole.

4. PROJECT MANAGEMENT. How is it all going to pull together and actually go from lines on paper to walls and a roof?

At My Story Co. we will project manage the build. It allows us to be across all aspects of the project so that we can guarantee quality assurance and staying to the budget and timeline as close as possible.

My Story Co. are proud to be members of
Master Builders Queensland. 

MBQ are the peak industry association representing building and construction in Queensland since 1882.

To coordinate the building work as a project manager and sure overall quality control.

 + Supervising / coordinating each trade

 + Sourcing materials & products

 + Quantifying and coordinating delivery of
    materials and products

 + Quality Assurance throughout the process

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Areas of unknown risk can be accommodated through contingency sums or allowances that can be called on to cover unexpected costs. They are often used to cover unexpected subsoil and foundation related costs; increasingly they are being used to provide flexibility in choosing innovative sustainable technologies and practices.

Inspection and certification of your project at critical stages is required by law to confirm that it is built in accordance with the approved plans, specifications, relevant Australian Standards, Building Code of Australia and council regulations, to ensure structural integrity, health, safety and amenity.


Australian Standards help maintain the safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of building in Australia.

They outline rules, guidelines and detailed technical specifications, and are referenced in many industry regulations, including the National Construction Code.

The National Construction Code (NCC) incorporates all on-site building and plumbing requirements into a single code, setting out the minimum requirements for the design, construction and performance of buildings throughout Australia.​

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