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How to budget and still love your project.

Updated: May 20, 2019

A renovation or build project is exciting and promises a fresh start no matter how big or small.

Everywhere we look today there is inspiration, which is fantastic but can be overwhelming at times and actually made it harder to finalise your own style, products and how much to spend.

Keep it real.

As tempting as it is to build your 'grand design' home, it is better to keep your budget to what you can afford. If you still want the 'grand design' then perhaps several building or renovation stages would better suit your finances.

There is no point spending far over what you can afford and then not only having to work extra hard to pay it off but resenting the new work that has been done as reminder of what it cost you.


Dream big and have the courage to pull back where you need to. With expert advice you can find ways to get the luxury you want and spend less where you can.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create your ultimate project list - don't hold back! The more visual inspiration you have the easier to work out what you want and how to show your builder, designer, and even yourself!

  2. Okay, you've got your ideal list. Now separate that into wants and needs. What are you actually wanting to achieve? Is it to change your look, make your space more livable, extending your home? Are you staying for a long time or are you going to be looking at selling in a few years?

  3. Work out what you can afford with some extra for those unknowns or surprise luxuries!

  4. Now you know what you want to spend - where is the money coming from? Do you have that in the bank or will you need a loan?

  5. Talk to the professionals. At My Story Co. we love helping you to build your next story! We can offer the entire range of services from creating a Scope of Works (all that you want done), initial designs through to project completion including project management. Let's chat.

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