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How to get those ideas to make sense!

Before meeting with My Story Co. it can help to sit down and look at what your end goal for your build project is so that we can best understand how to create your next story.


This helps to break down the end goal into smaller steps to ensure the result is what you want. Hopefully you are able to identify the key features and items that meet your needs not just your wants for the present and into the future.

Doing this exercise is really helpful to identify how building in features from the start saves costs further down the track and adds value. For example, smart lighting, skylights, passive heating and cooling and solar energy.

It helps you to consider your location and how it suits you lifestyle now and in the years to come. By planning to build in inclusions from the start, it can help with the financial repayments and start to pay itself off.

Take note of the following areas that could be planned early:

+ cost effective benefits or improvements that don't require council approval

+ complete working drawings that can be referenced in future build stages that don't have to be paid for later and approved

+ complete plans to show the details of the space and storage needs with appropriate schedules that itemise the products, finishes and accessories.

1. Start with your ideal build project in mind.

2. Then go backwards from the end goal to the present.

3. Now you can go step by step towards the goal to achieve what you want.

Here's an example:

1. The ideal build project is kitchen, living space and new covered decking area. It needs to be completed in 3 months time when your relatives from overseas are coming to spend Christmas...

2. At the moment, in the present, the kitchen is tiny with old appliances and not much natural light. It needs to be completed ripped out and re-designed. The major needs are a new oven, a butler's pantry, a larger island bench and way to connect the outdoor deck area.

The current living space is cramped with only one sliding window and is completely closed off from the rest of the home. The main need is to open up the space, connect it to the rest of the home and make room for a new couch and some custom joinery that takes into consideration storage needs.

There is only a small patio out the back with a concrete slab finish, no lighting and a sliding door that doesn't quite open smoothly. The new covered deck area needs to have sufficient lighting for night time dinners, covered roof with exposed beams, a timber floor finish and a screen for privacy from those neighbours to the right.

3. Questions to ask are: + How is this project going to be financed?

Is there money in the bank or will a financial loan be required?

+ What can I afford?

+ What is the style (the look) that I want to go with? Coastal? Retro? Country Chic? Eclectic?

+ What do I need, what do I want and what is open to negotiation?

+ Can my project be achieved in several stages rather than one to keep within budget?

Knowing what the goal is and then looking at the steps needed to get there will help you to define what you want to achieve and how to do that within your budget and with the style that you want - that's how we can help.

At My Story Co. we love to hear your plans and create your next story by taking all your thoughts, images, colours, bits, bobs and feelings.

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